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Commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan to your business trading premises. This is an area of finance far less standardised like the residential mortgage or Buy to Let arena, and an area in which Mantra Capital thrives due to their lenders being ex-Bankers. Taking the time out to understand your business and your needs following a personal one-to-one meeting, our in-house Bankers will navigate you through the entire process.

Terms and conditions for Commercial Mortgages are dependent on many variables:

  • Industry
  • Business profitability
  • Geography
  • Experience of the key principles
  • Asset class
  • Size of deposit

We will take the time to understand your key drivers and the parameters you wish to work within. With the Banking experience held in-house, we will quickly be able to tell how you best structure the transaction, and what levels of finance/rate can be achieved. We don’t believe in leading you down unobtainable channels or paths – we represent your business and will ensure that we protect your interests whilst achieving the best commercial terms. Unlike other brokers, we don’t just nod and say yes, we will structure the transaction in the right way.


Commercial Property Finance

Commercial Property Finance is for Entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in Commercial Real Estate that is rented to 3rd party tenants.

Commercial Property Finance is a complex market and it is one of Mantra Capital’s strongest areas of specialisms due to our lenders experience in Real Estate Lending for many of the UK’s Banks. Rates and terms are individually crafted to match many different variables, so having an in-house Banker who will structure the transaction for you and represent you with the Banks will save you valuable time.

We know what Banks are looking for when they assess proposals so we gear our credit papers in such ways that make it easy for them to say yes. By the time the proposal leaves our desk, we would have structured the deal in such a way where we as lenders ourselves would have done the deal – ensuring that all the questions are answered and risks mitigated.


HMO Mortgages

Houses in Multiple Occupation (commonly known as HMO’s) are where you have a single property being rented by 3 or more individuals who are not part of the same household. They often have shared facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens but there are no internal communal areas. Due to the fact that all of the internal rooms are letting rooms, the rental income and therefore the yield is typically higher than any other form of residential investment.

Lenders have a mixed appetite on HMO stock so please speak to our specialist team who will help achieve the best available structure and deal.


Bridging Finance

Used in the correct way, bridging and short term finance can be a very useful tool in order to secure a deal that has vast amounts of potential. A far more transactional type of finance, bridging is often arranged within a matter of days to help facilitate a transaction. As ethical lenders, we will only use this product class in the appropriate way, and ensure that we have an exit within pre-defined timescales that we will manage for you.

The risks associated with bridging finance are high, and it is imperative to use experts who are seasoned professionals in this field to ensure we use the right lender for the right project. In many instances, our personal relationship with key stakeholders within financial institutions and the reputation we’ve carved allows us to get transactions done quicker than most so there isn’t much of a need to use bridging. Unlike many other brokers or intermediaries, we will try and avoid this costly form of finance as and when we can, but we recognise the standing it holds in the market.

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Mantra Consultancy & Capital Limited is a licensed credit broker and not a lender.

Mantra Capital is a trading name of Mantra Consultancy & Capital Limited. Registered Office: 109-115 Blackfriars Road London, SE1 8HW. Registered in England and Wales under no. 9525855. Mantra Capital is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with permissions for Mortgage broking, and non-investment life assurance. Our FCA number is 751935 and this can be checked by visiting Some activities undertaken e.g. Commercial Finance are not regulated by the FCA. Mantra Consultancy & Capital Limited has access to all the main lenders in the market as well as the niche lenders operating. We charge the client a fee for arranging finance and this fee will reflect the complexity of the case. In addition, we will receive a fee from the lender.