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Residential Mortgages (< £1m)

With so many lenders and so many products, sourcing the right mortgages can be a daunting and onerous task.

Speak to our Mantra Private clients team who will be happy to advise on the whole mortgage process for you. Once we have assessed your situation, we will source the most appropriate mortgage solution for you from the whole of the market.

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High Value Mortgages (from £1m +)

  • £5m Personal Residence
  • £3m Mortgage
  • £120k SA302 income

The sums just don’t add up so the computer says NO.

How often do you hear variations of the above conversation? Mantra Capital is run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs so we understand your world and the issues you face when it comes to raising higher value residential mortgages.

The majority of our clients are self-employed and whilst they generate substantial profits within their core business activity, their drawings policy is restricted to what is needed with an emphasis on tax efficiency. We specialise in cases where our clients have complex income structures.

At Mantra Private Finance, we work with many of the UK’s Private Banks at senior levels and help lenders understand the bigger commercial picture for our client. With mortgage market reforms revolutionising the regulated space, it is increasingly important to use experts in this field who can present and negotiate terms for you as part of your family.

A personal mortgage is the most important financial commitment you’ll make and as you go over the £1m debt size, many of the retail banks don’t have the sophistication nor the expertise to assist. Our Mantra Private Client Directors have been there and done that, and will represent you throughout the process. This is a very bespoke and niche area of financing, with many options available so speak to us about your circumstances and we’ll find you the best solution.

Regulated Buy to Let Mortgages

Whilst the Buy to Let market is still unregulated, there are 2 exceptions to this rule:

  • When you’re buying a property that you intend to live in at any point
  • When you intend on a close relative to occupy your property

At the time of when it comes to arranging finance, these 2 situations have to be treated as a regulated industry.

Insurance & Protection

Some facts and figures:

20 - the percentage of British people who have no idea how they would cover their household bills if they or their partner were unable to work (source: Scottish Widows)

50 - the percentage of mortgage holders in the UK that have no life cover (source: Scottish Widows)

66 - the percentage of people who do not have any financial support in place to support the cost of looking after a sick child if they could no longer work, according to Ageas

It is never a priority to actively go out and buy life insurance. In the UK, people are far more likely to insure their pets than themselves.

Whilst it isn’t always relevant, we do believe some simple, straightforward life insurance is important to at least cover any mortgage / related indebtedness. It is so important that clients consider the impact it would have on their family and dependents should something happen to them, particularly when taking on a financial commitment like a mortgage. Our Private Clients Team has access to the whole of market and will manage the process for you, making it easy to understand and giving you your time back.

Some of the most common types of life insurance include:

  • Level term assurance – if you die within the term of policy, the total sum assured is paid out to your family upon death
  • Decreasing term assurance – the level of cover decreases over the term of the policy as your loan reduces.
  • Family income benefit – a specified monthly income is paid to your family if you die within the term of the policy to help offset the costs of your family without your income.
  • Life insurance in trust – this can be a more tax efficient form of protection subject to structure (derivative not a type per se)
  • Critical Illness
  • Non Investment Whole of Life

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Mantra Capital is a trading name of Mantra Consultancy & Capital Limited. Registered Office: 3rd Floor, 58 Borough High Street, London SE1 1XF. Registered in England and Wales under no. 9525855. Mantra Capital is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority with permissions for Mortgage broking, and non-investment life assurance. Our FCA number is 751935 and this can be checked by visiting Some activities undertaken e.g. Commercial Finance are not regulated by the FCA. Mantra Consultancy & Capital Limited has access to all the main lenders in the market as well as the niche lenders operating. We charge the client a fee for arranging finance and this fee will reflect the complexity of the case. In addition, we will receive a fee from the lender.